La Unica Realty Advisors, LLC (“La Unica”) is a Chicago area certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) real estate consulting, development and investment company with expertise in residential and commercial real estate.  La Unica has a multi-faceted investing and consulting platform that includes marketing, financing, project management and commercial property/facility management. La Unica provides quality services with exceptional, professional and courteous service by seeing things in a different way. It’s not just a business but a lifestyle and respect for the residents and the community

La Unica’s development business model is acquiring distressed single-family residential and multifamily properties for the purpose of adding value to properties that require professional renovation thus creating a livable and affordable new home built with unmatched efficiencies and uncompromising quality for deserving and qualified homeowner and tenant occupants.  No two homes are the same because each redevelopment is unique and every property requires specialized care. That philosophy of creating value every step of the way was originated with La Unica’s founders signature focus when he started with his first renovation back in 2005.  The only similarities you will find in our properties are the superior construction standards we set and the quality finishes that best complement each home.

La Unica continues to demonstrate its leadership in residential development through design innovation, superior craftsmanship, and responsiveness to the needs of the market.  Our goal is to raise the quality of life for the residents and their communities.

La Unica uses business intelligence to look for trends and new opportunities.  Big data plays a major role in forming new strategies coupled with technology working together to form a single integrated source of information that reduces profit leakage. 

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Working with communities and their neighborhoods to increase sustainable home ownership through quality renovation of distressed properties increases property values and making neighborhoods safer and beautiful.​



We design for entertaining, family and living space.  We provide homes that fit your lifestyle and the space is usable, friendly and efficient. Compare our homes and discover why we offer the most for your money.

Our superior quality of home renovations is based on outstanding workmanship, high quality materials and attention to details. 

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With more than 20 years’ experience in financing, acquiring, renovating and selling residential homes, multifamily, property management and project management through integrity, knowledge and professionalism.